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1st Contact is looking to meet pilots new to EVE that may share our interests in exploration, mining, missions, PVE and PVP as well as reaching goals together in all areas of space from Empire to null sec.

We do not have skill point restrictions.

Trial accounts are welcome if you are new to the game and intend to play beyond the trial period.

Join 1st Contact public channel '1st contact' to meet and talk to the members about the corp.

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This is the communication site for the 1st Contact Corporation.

1st Contact gives new pilots of Eve on opportunity to learn the game while being a member of a corporation with long term goals. Eve is vast and complex, so it often takes time for new pilots to decide their career. Being a member of 1st Contact is a way to get your bearings, and find your while your earn a living.

Though smart business practice and common sense the corp generates the funds that allow us to provide ships for members involved in corp fleet ops that include low sec/null sec fleets, low sec mining and and eventually establishing a home in wormhole or a 0.0 sec solar system of our own.

In Eve everything takes time, and patience is a requirement of any pilot. Training skills and accomplishing goals takes time and planning and the 1st helps guide pilots in finding their place in space. By establishing a strong foundation in high sec, we will have the ability to move deeper into space and still have our assets safely stored in Empire Space.

We currently have members from Sweden, America, Bulgaria, Canada, Poland, England and New Zealand.. We want to continue to recruit pilots with common sense from many time zones so that the corp has active members 24/7. 

We have a mentoring system to help new pilots learn the ways of the corp and Eve in general. If you are interested in talking to us please join our public channel '1st contact'.

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